Instead of furthering Star Trek into a post-Voyager future, Enterprise brought it back to Starfleet's early days with a prequel.

From the beginning, Enterprise was fraught with issues. It suffered from a myriad of creative strife between production crew and studio executives. Producers and writers struggled to meet studio demands and match the success of their immediate predecessor Voyager. Baffled by the low ratings, producers and studio executives did everything they could to make it more appealing, leading to some dubious creative decisions.

best t pol scenes

The show was so criticized that producers and writers regret some of the writing decisions they made. Blalock was a Star Trek fan who loved Spock and was excited to play a Vulcan, but she felt the writers strayed from Vulcan characteristics with T'Pol. You might as well clip the ears! Blalock also criticized the writers' lack of realism even in their darker plotlines, adding, "T'Pol's hair doesn't move - even in battle! And if it does, we re-shoot it. We don't bleed here, and nobody dies.

Give me a break! And we're all-knowing. Where's the risk? Where the danger? At the time Enterprise was beginning, Star Trek had already been on the air for 14 years straight. The franchise had produced three majorly successful series, and some of the showrunners did not believe they could continue to extend the franchise. Producer Rick Berman was worried the show would suffer from "franchise fatigue" if they continued to run Star Trek non-stop, especially as the Star Trek movies also began to wear thin with Star Trek: Nemesis.

Berman expressed his trepidation about creating Enterprise, stating, "I was reluctant.

best t pol scenes

I was quoted many times as saying that you could take too many trips to the well, that you could squeeze too many eggs out of the golden goose, but the powers that be — the powers that were — made it very clear to me that if I did not do this they would ask someone else to. Star Trek: Enterprise contended with more executive meddling than any Star Trek series that came before it.They first met when he booked her for a beer commercial in L. She proposed to him and they got married on April 22,in Negril, Jamaica.

The name of the third child is unknown. Jolene is currently 43 years old.

best t pol scenes

She has got three siblings. She developed surfing and developed artistic skills since her childhood. Jolene holds American citizenship and her ethnicity is a mix of Scottish and Irish. At the age of 17, she left home to model in Europe and Asia. Inshe posed for a clothed fashion layout.

She has become successful in collecting a huge sum of money from her career. She has a height of 5 ft. Jolene has got blue eyes and light brown hair. Her body measurement is inches. She has around To know more about birth facts, family, childhood, education, profession, awards, net worth, rumors, body measurements and social media profile of Shauna SextonLiana Liberatoand Lil Fizzplease click on the link.

Married Biography. Jolene Blalock Bio. Last Modified July 22, Inside Biography 1 Who is Jolene Blalock? Ella Rae Peck. Tags : American Actress Vulcan.

Star Trek Enterprise Season Three Bloopers

Marital Status:. Married Date:. Birth Date:. Hair Color:. Eye Color:. Waist Size Inch :. Bra Size Inch :. Hip Size Inch :. Short Description:. View Todays Anniversary. View Tomorrows Anniversary.She is a Vulcan who serves as the science officer aboard the starship Enterprise NX According to producer Rick Bermanit was originally intended that a younger version of T'Pau would be the Vulcan officer serving on the titular starship in Star Trek: Enterprise.

Instead, after determining there were legal difficulties in using the original series character, the producers created T'Pol. T'Pol is the first Vulcan officer to serve a prolonged term on a human vessel. T'Pol served aboard the Enterprise for 10 years — To compare, the previous record was just 10 days. After the success of the Enterprise ' s initial mission led to the vessel being given an extended exploration mandate, T'Pol requested to stay aboard.

T'Pol remained aboard the Enterprise despite several attempts by her superiors to recall her to Vulcan. T'Pol's decision brought considerable scrutiny upon her from her superiors, and increasing support for her from her captain; she ultimately resigned from the High Command and accepted a field commission from Starfleet inresulting in her being granted the Starfleet rank of Commander. Originally viewed by her crew mates with resentment and suspicion, T'Pol was forced to earn the trust of fellow officers, Commander Charles "Trip" Tucker III being a particular focus of friction with her, due to his perception of her being a spy for the Vulcans and their very different personalities.

The character of T'Pol developed from that of a "broken record" spouting the dogma of the Vulcan Science Council to that of a questioning scientific mind. Though she does not openly defy or reject the rulings of the Vulcan Science Council, her experiences on the Enterprise have proven to her that they can be wrong.

T'Pol had an especially hard time accepting the fact the Enterprise had traveled in time in " Storm Front, Part I " despite the overwhelming evidence proving that she had done so.

The Vulcan Science Council had declared time travel to be impossible. T'Pol is considerably more emotional than many other Vulcans and has always struggled to control her emotions, something that greatly concerned her mother.

Her emotions became even more difficult to control following an exposure to trellium ore, a toxic substance which damaged the part of her brain responsible for emotional control. Nonetheless, T'Pol serves as an icon of Vulcan integrity. Throughout the entire Enterprise run, T'Pol only once said the trademark Vulcan greeting " Live long and prosper ". She also only once rendered the Vulcan hand salute, in the episode " In a Mirror, Darkly ".

In Season 3, episode 24 " Zero Hour ", while talking with Trip on February 14,[2] T'Pol states that she "will only be 66 years old" on her next birthday. This places her birth in or as measured on Earthmaking her 62 or 63 years old at " Broken Bow ". Per Vulcan tradition, T'Pol was bonded with a Vulcan named Koss while they were children and expected to marry as adults " Breaking the Ice ". Approximately 16 years before joining the crew of the EnterpriseT'Pol served as an agent for the Vulcan intelligence service.

At age 47, she completed her training for the Vulcan Ministry of Security. During an early mission to apprehend a pair of Vulcan criminals, she was forced to shoot and kill one of the fleeing men. She resigned from the service as a result, and the guilt over killing someone face-to-face caused her to suffer a nervous breakdown or emotional collapse which led to her undergoing a procedure, the Fullara, that erased all memory of the incident.

This "memory cap" disappeared when she was briefly reactivated as an agent during in order to capture the criminal Vulcan who eluded her that day, and she experienced another emotional collapse which was alleviated by the support of Captain Archer. Given the option to once again suppress her memory of killing, she chose to live with it instead " The Seventh ". Serving under her was Major Talok. After her resignation from the Ministry of Security, T'Pol served for over a year as the deputy science officer aboard the Vulcan cruiser Seleyaunder the command of Captain Voris " Impulse ".

InT'Pol began her tenure at the High Command's Consulate on Earth, assisting Ambassador Soval in his observation of humanity's progress toward space exploration " Fusion ". Inthen holding the rank of sub-commander, she was selected by Soval to accompany Captain Jonathan Archer during his initial first mission aboard the Enterprise NX as observer and Vulcan representative. When the mission was successful and the Enterprise greenlighted to continue its mission of exploration, T'Pol elected to remain on board as science officer "Broken Bow".

Trip and T'Pol

T'Pol, who is described by her superiors as a maverick and a rebel, became fascinated with Tolaris, a member of a group of emotionally free Vulcans encountered during the first year of the Enterprise ' s mission. Tolaris introduced her to the concept of the mind meldwhich at the time was considered a taboo activity among Vulcans.

She severed her relationship with Tolaris after she asked him to stop the mind meld and he refused, attempting to continue the meld without her consent essentially a form of mental rapeand causing her to forcefully break the link. She later learned that she had contracted Pa'nar Syndrome from the encounter.I grew up watching reruns of the original Star Trek. Spock, the Vulcan Science Officer, spoke to me.

Even then, the action scenes were corny and the alien world settings unrealistic — but the storylines and the pseudophilosophical delvings into space and time and logic, touched something in my teenage heart. Then Star Trek the Next Generation ranright during my middle school and high school years, I watched that too. But there was not a great Vulcan on the show, so I have always been more of an Original Star Trek fan and of course Spock. I was Valedictorian of my high school class and my Star Trek adoration which was common among the Academic League and Science Fair kids was well known.

I had many classmates and teachers request that I not talk about Star Trek during my Valedicctory address. The past several Valedictorians had referred to Star Trek extensively during their speaches. The Valedictorian right before me somewhat alienated the audience with the extensive Star Trek references, but he returned to our community and founded a very successful biotech company so I think he did okay. I gave my commencement speach without any Star Trek references and it went over well.

I had been a state level speech competitor and always did well in the Impromptu category. For the next 25 years, I was busy with college and life and was anchored firmly in the real world. Plastic Picker is not a trekkie at all. But he actually looks more like a Vulcan than not and studied Shakepeare in college — so gives him the essence of Captain Jean Luc Picard.

Star Trek Enterprise ran fromright during the time I was in medical school and residency. So the actors and I are the same age as Mr. Plastic Picker and I. I finished the last episode last night, and I was disappointed. I fell in love again while they were falling in love. Plastic Picker is a sucker for romances. But the ending was awful. I even started watching some fanfiction montage videos and was searching for fan fiction on them last night, to salvage the storyline.

For that I am so grateful. I honestly needed the distraction these last three months, and had the right mindset to accept new characters into my heart. I remember reading all of Victor Hugo the summer after college while my sister and I were traveling through Europe on one of those pre-packaged budget bus tours.

It was the right time and right author. The summer after senior year of high school, I read all of Charles Dickens. I remember being enraged while reading Tale of Two Cities. We are midway through Arm of a Starfish.

I wanted to write this post to wipe away the travesty of the last episode. This is my ending for them. On the show they had two children on the show, Baby Elizabeth who was a baby cloned by the human terrorist faction Terra Prime.

She died because the terrorist scientist had made a error in the process to clone her, and therefore died of genetic instability. But Doctor Phlox had told Trip that there was no reason to believe a half Vulcan and half Human baby could not exist.

Spock who was born Stardate about years later is proof of that. In my ending, those above scenarios happened.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". With the support of the communitywe've added 2, new members this drive. Thank you so much! We accept donations year round, so if you haven't donated yet, there's still time to add your support! Let's say some acknowledgement happened off-screen, shall we? And thus, game for fanfiction. However, when Trip wakes up from a three week coma, the first thing he sees is his friend. A ghost?

A hallucination? Not even Malcolm himself knows why he's still there, or why only Trip can see him. The answer may be in the initial sudden alien attack but to pursue it is a dangerous path for everyone. Where in the bloody hell was everyone? No one had responded to that explosion — either they were all locked up somewhere on board — which seemed unlikely, because surely the captors would have come to investigate — or Malcolm was the only person left on the ship.

Reed gets an idea to torment Trip when Tucker seems too preoccupied with Kov. A story inspired by the season one episode "Fusion". Trip and Malcolm continue to avoid work through the break in their relationship caused by Trip's encounter with Kaitaama. A story where I wanted to knock their heads together more than once!

In the aftermath of the Expanse, the exhausted crew of the Enterprise think they can relax. An enemy thinks otherwise. Years after the NX program is delayed indefinitely, T'Pol's life changes forever when she is made to the attache to the new Auxiliary Ambassador to Vulcan.

Set in the beginning of Season 1. That infamous mutual dislike between Trip and T'Pol makes Jon's life hell.Log in or Sign up. The Trek BBS.

Shower scene from "Damage" makes it onto Sci Fi Wire's list

In which episodes did T'Pol look her best? Joined: Jul 30, ReadyAndWillingApr 3, Joined: Feb 12, Location: astral plane. Everything else is a distant second, at best.

CoronacopiaApr 3, Joined: Dec 10, Location: Australia. Yes, she looked great with the long hair in In a Mirror, Darkly. Although she overall looked consistent, and great, for all of S3 and 4. Her hair didn't look right in S1 and 2, and the earlier "catsuit" didn't look very nice. She looked a lot more stylish once they got her a new outfit and she had slightly lighter hair with a bit more style.

She also looked great in 4x03 "Home" wearing the less formal Vulcan clothes. They didn't look very Vulcan-y, but they were pretty snappy and stylish. BlobVanDamApr 3, Joined: Jan 20, Location: inside teacake. I agree she looked best in MU. I also think that's because she's confident and not a twitching mess. Would have loved to see more T'Pol like the MU ones. TeaTigerApr 3, Joined: Aug 25, Location: Tumblr Gardens.Log in or Sign up.

The Trek BBS. Joined: Oct 23, Pretty cool, I must say. I haven't noticed it at first, and I wonder whats so sexy or strange about it. The scene was hilarious, and I'm pretty sure that it wasn't intended to be anything else than that.

Last edited by a moderator: Sep 23, Mach5Sep 22, Re: Shower scene from "Damage" makes it onto Sifi wire's list So two scenes from Enterprise made the list?

JiNXSep 22, Joined: Dec 20, Re: Shower scene from "Damage" makes it onto Sifi wire's list After all these years, the shower with Trip and T'Pol is still fricking hot! Her scenes in "Slow Burn" are bland in comparison. Chemistry is the key, Jolene and Connor had it I wish these two would act together again. Joined: Aug 18, Location: HopefulRomantic is feeding the cats again.

Re: Shower scene from "Damage" makes it onto Sifi wire's list. Beautiful and Terrible RomanticSep 22, Joined: Jun 19, Location: Between the candle and the star.

Pemmer HargeSep 22, Joined: May 28, Location: Communist Portland. I think Hal from singing might be sexier. And that wasn't sexy. Last edited: Sep 23, Mach5Sep 23, Beautiful and Terrible RomanticSep 24, Mach5Sep 24, Joined: Apr 13, Location: So. Connor is 5'11', Jolene is 5'5'', according to celebheights. Mach5Sep 28, Buffy and Spike did that, and a lot more. During the once-dubbed "family hour," no less.

It was bizarre to see how far Buffy the Vampire Slayer pushed the envelope with regard to sexual explicitness on UPN, while over on Enterprisethe girls still wore bras while making love to their men. Beautiful and Terrible RomanticSep 29, Joined: Feb 24,

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