Posted on September 21, by Randy A. Brown in Resources Read Comments. One of the greatest advantages to Divi is the vast amount of tutorials available across the web. As seen in a lot of these tutorials, knowing how to use CSS with Divi is a valuable skill for transforming your Divi website. This tutorial shows how to apply the CSS to Divi using 6 different methods. Helpful links are included for a child theme generator and a few tutorials on using child themes with Divi.

The knowledge gained from this tutorial can help you with just about all of the other tutorials. Bloom is one of the most popular plugins for Divi, but it can be tricky to style.

divi theme tutorial pdf

Learn how to style your inline Bloom optin with a transparent background overlay and rounded submit button. Add a background image, center it in a full-width code module, make it transparent, and more. It uses styling and custom CSS for the Bloom form and a fullwidth code module with section styling.

This tutorial replaces the image carousel tutorial and takes the concept several steps further. It shows how to build a module carousel without having to use columns or floats.

It works in all modern browsers MS has stopped supporting Edge, so it no longer qualifies and devices. Using variables, you can easily include as many modules as you want. The tutorial also shows how to customize the variables. This tutorial shows how to create a diagonal shape background for the top secondary menu using the provided CSS.

You can make the shape as large as you want and even have an overlapping logo. As the title suggests, this tutorial covers five different button styles. It mostly covers using the styling adjustments that are made within the module and adding your own custom CSS.

It teaches how to change the shape, using the image module with the button module, using two button modules together to create a double-sided button, adding a background image, and integrating the button within an image. All of the CSS is included so you can copy and paste. This tutorial covers five interesting styles for the blurb module.

It mostly focuses on using the settings within the blurb module and adding custom CSS. Styles include a centered color blurb, a circle blurb with CSS, side by side blurbs with icons, creating a blurb grid, and adding hover animation. All but the first blurb uses custom CSS, which is included so you can copy and paste.

It shows how to apply the code to all blurb modules or target specific blurb modules. The jQuery snippet is provided as a download. It shows how to create the custom CSS classes for the specific modules you want to target. This tutorial shows how to insert a Divi section above the main header. Like any Divi section, you can add any number of Divi rows and modules you want to create any type of layout you can imagine. It uses CSS and hooks, which will be applied to a child theme. It includes several examples with descriptions of how they were created.

This one shows how to create an accordion slider with panels that stack horizontally. Hovering over a panel expands it to show its content, such as images and text, and changes the icon.

divi theme tutorial pdf

The other panels are then contracted to get out of the way. The panels are stacked vertically on mobile devices. It uses multiple blurb modules with CSS to build the slider.From time to time here at The Abundant Artist, we review WordPress plugins and other tools that I find especially useful.

You can see a list of themes I recommend here and for ecommerce sites here. In order to build your own site, you will, of course, need hosting. You can sign up for the hosting I show in the video with Bluehost. With a little patience, Divi will cut your WordPress setup time down quite a bit.

You can purchase Divi by clicking on this link. This review and walk through assumes that you are comfortable with web browsers and simple internet tasks. If, however, you are fairly comfortable with adding attachments to email, downloading audio files, or simple image editing, then this should be pretty straightforward. How to photograph and edit your art for your website. How to find your Mailchimp API key link.

For many artists, this might still be too much to handle. That said, overall, Divi is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites to build artist websites on. Loving your blog, great advice and reviews, thank you so much for sharing. To me it seems to take too long to completely load. Overall it looks great, but the glitz seems to impede load time too much for me.

Artists who are looking for themes that make life easier for them will probably find the small page load a good tradeoff for having a site that they can build themselves. They claim great technical support, but there is not way to talk to someone on the phone.

Divi 4.0 - Easy Tutorial and Review 2020 (WordPress Theme & Page Builder)

The initial chat when they advertise Divi is to sell it only. Those who sign up do not get that service.

How to create amazing 3D Flipbook in WordPress with Divi Theme?

I filed my first trouble ticket one for each questionand it took them 60 hours to respond. As a visual person, Divi has been difficult to build with because it asks both sides of my brain to work together. About five years ago I found them extremely easy to use.Note: If you want to download this tutorial as a PDF document, you will find the download link at the bottom of this article.

The website which you are looking at right now is created with WordPress. But first…. Yes, WordPress is the most used content management system. There are many reasons that make it the best option for almost any project. As you see, all these reasons are great. I will make it really easy for you with this guide.

Get Web Hosting and Domain Name 2.

Divi Theme

Install WordPress 3. Install WordPress Theme 4.

divi theme tutorial pdf

Build your Website or Blog 5. Install Plugins. The web hosting provider that I recommend is SiteGround. It is the one that I use for this blog and it is also recommended as the web host for WordPress right on the website wordpress. It is very popular in the WordPress community, too. Among its advantages, it is super reliable and offers an excellent support 24 hours all days of the year.

What is the point of investing time and effort on a website that will be down often? Moreover, if the availability of your website fails, it will not only affect your image towards users that are your potential customers, but Google will also start looking at you badly.

When I started building websites 13 years ago, I chose free web hosting. However, I quickly realized that that was a bad decision because the availability of the database at this web host was down quite often. Since then I always prefer to pay: it is a few dollars per month for a decent web host.

Your project is definitely worth it. Thanks to this feature and the SiteGround support, you will quickly get your website running even if you know nothing about coding. The higher plans, GrowBig and GoGeek, offer other advanced features like SuperCacher for even higher speed, priority technical support, staging websites and other configuration options. The cheapest plan, StartUp, is ideal if you need hosting for just one website or if you have low budget.

It is great to start off. If you reach 10, monthly visits, you will surely be able to afford to pay a little more. As for the registration of the domain name, you can get it together with your SiteGround hosting account.

It is quick and easy. It is that simple. If you prefer to install WordPress manually, check out my other tutorial in which I explain in detail how to do it.

Getting Started with Divi Overlays

At the beginning you could be fine with a free theme. For example, the one that is set by default when doing the installation, or any other from the free themes that you will find in the WordPress repository. There are more reasons. They are also the most used ones, so it would be difficult to build a different and original website which your project surely deserves.

I use and highly recommend the Divi Theme. It is a very nice theme that offers unlimited design options and by using it, you can create elegant websites of any type.This tutorial will show you how to add and customize the text on your site with the Text Module in the Divi Visual Builder for WordPress.

divi theme tutorial pdf

Sign up for a 15 day free trial to our powerful WordPress Hosting Platform. Take advantage of everything we have to offer for free. No credit card required! So, hang on to your hats kids, because this one is going to be intense! I can also make it bold.

Not going to play around too much with the text or add a background image. So, I can make it bolditalicjust right here. I really really like this about the Visual Builder. I can change the color, the font, size, and some of these actually break down in their own menu. I can edit the text right there on the page. Which I think is really cool. The text module is a great way to kind of get around some of the limitations that the Divi Builder or any builder has, as you can get in here and you can add your h1, h2 tags, you can add pictures, and video and you can also kind of mess around with the code a little bit.

So just a side note for you there, that one was free. Your email address will not be published. Learn More. Now, I use this, of course, anytime I want to display a bunch of texts. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Search for:.Divi of Elegant Themes is one of the most popular WordPress drag and drop page builders. This tutorial will guide you how to add WordPress shortcode to Divi page builder.

Divi page builder of Elegant Themes is one of the best WordPress drag and drop page builder on the market. This tutorial will guide you how to add a WordPress logo carousel to the Divi visual builder. This tutorial will guide you how to open a PDF file in a lightbox popup in Divi page builder.

At the end of the tutorial, we will also discuss how to automatically open a PDF lightbox popup on page load. This tutorial will guide you how to automatically open a lightbox popup on page load. We will also discuss how to popup the lightbox only once and how to autoplay YouTube, Vimeo and HTML5 videos on lightbox popup and close the lightbox automatically when the video ends. WonderPlugin Popup Version 5.

Divi Builder is a drag and drop page builder by Elegant Themes. This tutorial will show you how to open an email subscription form created with WonderPlugin Popup when clicking a Divi button.

This tutorial will show you how to open a video lightbox popup when clicking an image. This tutorial will show you how to open a YouTube video in a lightbox popup when clicking a Divi button. WonderPlugin Lightbox. Divi has button elements. I wonder how could I enable lightbox for a button? I would like to open a YouTube video in the lightbox on clicking the button.

Product : WonderPlugin Popup Version 5. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

By using our website, you consent to our Privacy Policy.In this article, I'm going to list all digital products for WordPress that you get when you purchase an Elegant Themes membership. I will start with the top 5 products that are constantly being worked on and improved. Namely, they are the following ones: Divi theme, Since the version 4. The Theme Builder feature, that was added to Divi in this update, allows you Are you receiving a lot of spam from your Divi contact form?

I have had the same problem, but luckily found a solution to it. Below I will provide you with a complete tutorial on how to do it. You may not know that since the Divi update 4. Do you have a blog on your Divi website? If yes, you might find useful a plugin that I have released. It is called Author Box for Divi and below I will explain you how it works and what its features are. Firstly, you can download this plugin for free from the official In this article, I'm going to review a great free WordPress plugin that I recently came across.

I used this plugin to "reset" to clean my WP installation on which I was If you are wondering which WordPress theme and which plugins a certain website or blog is using, I have a solution for you. I have created a new tool using which you can easily check this out. You can find this tool over here. Just enter the website's URL and click Note: If you want to download this tutorial as a PDF document, you will find the download link at the bottom of this article.

The website which you are looking at right now is created with WordPress. WordPress is the world's most popular content management system, It starts on Monday, December 2, Yesterday October 17th,a major update to the Divi theme was released.

Divi 4. Below I will briefly explain what it brings to Divi. The Theme Builder update has been a long-awaited feature to be added to the Divi theme.

If you are using the Divi WordPress theme and are looking for a way on how to create a popup window, read on. I will explain how to do it. We will create the popup with a premium Divi plugin called Divi Overlays.How to Change the Divi Logo on Scroll. In this tutorial, I'll show you How to Change the Divi Logo on Scroll so when you have fixed navigation enabled, a different logo appears in the menu when you scroll down in Divi.

We're going to go from this: To this: And the best part is, once you have this code in your By default, all Divi "sections" are actually fullwidth so technically the "row" is what needs to be made fullwidth. So perhaps In this tutorial, I'll show you how to How to Vertically Center Text in Divi and more importantly, how to make it automatically center when you click the "Equalize Column Heights" option in Divi.

To create a Vertically Center Text in Divi follow these simple 5 steps This is part 5 of my beginner tutorial series where I'm answering the top 5 questions for YOU who are just getting started with Wordpress This is part 4 of my beginner tutorial series where I'm answering the top 5 questions for YOU who are just getting started with Wordpress.

This is important because when you're starting out, In this beginners tutorial, I'm going to explain what a Divi Child Theme is. This is part 3 of my beginner tutorial series where I'm answering the top 5 questions for YOU who are just getting started with Wordpress. This basic explanation will walk you through It's a great way to customize the Divi mobile menu on your site and is VERY important for UX user experience when you have a lot of menu items.

There are a lot of tutorials out there Out of the box, the Divi menu has a little line below the menu and expands to a full drop shadow when you scroll down if you have fixed navigation set.

It's usually unseen against a dark It's a super cool way to add some life to blog posts that would otherwise look very boring. Especially when you have posts without a featured image. By the end of this tutorial, you'll I get this look requested often by clients. I'll also show you how to make sure the We're going to do this in 2 methods by creating a link that opens up all reviews for customers to see and a direct Google Review link that a website user can click to quickly leave a Review.

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