True to his word, Odysseus returns to Aeaea for Elpenor's funeral rites. Circe is helpful once more, providing supplies and warnings about the journey to begin the next dawn. First the Greeks must get past the Sirens whose irresistible songs lure sailors into their island's coastal reefs.

When Is Sword of Kings (The Last Kingdom Series, Book 12) Out? Book Release Date

Next they must avoid the Clashing Rocks called "Wandering Rocks" or "Rovers" in some translationswhich only the ship of the Argonauts ever escaped. The first is a six-headed monster lurking in an overhanging, fog-concealed cavern. She cannot be defeated in battle, and she will devour at least six of the Greeks, one for each of her hideous heads that feature triple rows of thickset fangs.

No more than an arrow shot away is Charybdis, a monster whirlpool that swallows everything near it three times a day. If the Greeks survive these terrors, they will meet the most dangerous test of all: the temptation of the island Thrinacia of the Sungod Helios. Whatever they do, the seamen must not harm the sacred cattle of the sun. If they resist temptation, they can return home safely; if, on the other hand, they harm any sacred animal, the ship and men will be destroyed.

Odysseus alone may survive, but he will return home late and alone, a broken man. This last caveat Circe's warnings prove to be a foreshadowing of the true events. Loyalty and keeping promises are two of the highest virtues in Homer's world. Despite the horrors of the Land of the Dead and the relief of escape, Odysseus' first thought is to return to Aeaea to bury Elpenor's corpse. The brief description of the burial rites tells us that the body is burned on a funeral pyre, along with the warrior's armor.

The ashes are buried in a mound topped with a monumental stone and the seaman's oar that is "planted. The ceremony is similar to that of the seafaring warriors at the end of the Old English epic Beowulfcomposed almost 1, years later. Like that of the Lotus-eaters, the section on the Sirens is surprisingly short fewer than 40 linesconsidering that it is one of the best known episodes in the epic.

Once again, Homer has touched on a universal truth, mankind's struggle with deadly but irresistible appeal. Circe's solution is realistic and simple: Odysseus' men stop their ears with beeswax.The Last Kingdom is the first book in the series.

Uhtred is an English boy, born into the aristocracy of ninth-century Northumbria. Orphaned at ten, he is captured and adopted by a Dane and taught the Viking ways. Yet Uhtred's fate is indissolubly bound up with Alfred, King of Wessex, who rules over the only English kingdom to survive the Danish assault.

The struggle between the English and the Danes and the strife between christianity and paganism is the background to Uhtred's growing up.

He is left uncertain of his loyalties but a slaughter in a winter dawn propels him to the English side and he will become a man just as the Danes launch their fiercest attack yet on Alfred's kingdom. Marriage ties him further still to the West Saxon cause but when his wife and child vanish in the chaos of the Danish invasion, Uhtred is driven to face the greatest of the Viking chieftains in a battle beside the sea.

There, in the horror of the shield-wall, he discovers his true allegiance. The Last Kingdom, like most of Bernard Cornwell's books, is firmly based on true history.

It is the first novel of a series that tells the tale of Alfred the Great and his descendants and of the enemies they faced, Viking warriors like Ivar the Boneless and his feared brother, Ubba. Against their lives Bernard Cornwell has woven a story of divided loyalties, reluctant love and desperate heroism.

In Uhtred, he has created one of his most interesting and heroic characters and in The Last Kingdom one of his most powerful and passionate novels. In a land torn apart by conflict, an orphan boy has come of age. Raised by the Vikings, deadly enemies of his own Saxon people, Uhtred is a fierce and skilled warrior who kneels to no-one. Alfred — Saxon, king, man of god — fights to hold the throne of the only land still resisting the pagan northerners.

Together they will change history. When peace is torn apart by bloody Danish steel, Uhtred must fight to save a king who distrusts him. Skeptical of a treaty between the Vikings and Wessex, Uhtred takes his talent for mayhem to Cornwall, gaining treasure and a mysterious woman on the way.

But when he is accused of massacring Christians, he finds lies can be as deadly as steel. Still, when pious King Alfred flees to a watery refuge, it is the pagan warrior he relies on. Now Uhtred must fight a battle which will shape history — and confront the Viking with the banner of the white horse …. A thorn in the side of the priests and nobles who shape his fate, this Saxon raised by Vikings is torn between the life he loves and those he has sworn to serve.

Uhtred wants revenge. He wants the land and castle that is his. He wants his treacherous uncle to pay for taking them. Heading north with his lover, former nun Hild, he finds chaos as the Vikings battle among themselves to consolidate their hold on the region.

Still, he has matched such men before. Then Uhtred suffers a betrayal to rival the treachery that deprived him of his birthright. It will leave him trapped with no hope of escape …. A thorn in the side of the priests and nobles who shape his fate, this Saxon raised by Vikings is torn between the life he loves and the cause he has sworn to serve.

The year isand England is at peace, divided between the Danish kingdom to the north and Alfred's kingdom of Wessex in the south. But trouble stirs, a dead man has risen and new Vikings have arrived to occupy London. It is a dangerous time, and it falls to Uhtred, half Saxon, half Dane, a man feared and respected the length and breadth of Britain, to expel the Viking raiders and take control of London for Alfred.

Sword of Kings

His uncertain loyalties must now decide England's future.We gather all the latest book and novel release dates news to bring you the most accurate new release schedule for Sword of Kings The Last Kingdom Series, Book The Last Kingdom series goes from strength to strength with Uhtred becoming ever more interesting — in so many ways a modern hero, facing a new world, with changing allegiances, but still held by traditional loyalties.

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Kent State: Four Dead in Ohio. Witness to Death.England is in turmoil as Vikings and Saxons battle for territory. Rumours build about the fatal sickness of the King, and the country awaits an heir.

A violent clash at sea forces the warrior lord Uhtred to lead his men from his Northumbrian fortress to London and plunge into the eye of the storm.

For two kings claim the empty throne, and a new kingdom cannot be born without bloodshed. But sometimes it is hard to know the will of the gods…. The publisher has supplied this book in DRM Free form with digital watermarking. The publisher has supplied this book in encrypted form, which means that you need to install free software in order to unlock and read it. To read this ebook on a mobile device phone or tablet you'll need to install one of these free apps:. The publisher has set limits on how much of this ebook you may print or copy.

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Two warring kings. In The Press. About The Author. Customer Reviews. Digital Rights Management DRM The publisher has supplied this book in encrypted form, which means that you need to install free software in order to unlock and read it.

It's not the same as Adobe Reader, which you probably already have on your computer. Limits on printing and copying The publisher has set limits on how much of this ebook you may print or copy.

How many copies would you like to buy?Set in the ninth and tenth century Britain, it tells the story of Alfred the Great from the perspective of Uhtred of Bebbanburg, a man born to a Saxon lord, captured, and brought up as a Dane.

The novels take place during the period when the Danes had conquered all but one of the English kingdoms. It tells of the rise of England as a united nation on the British Isles as a result of efforts of Alfred the Great.

After accepting that it would be impossible to drive out the Danes, Alfred enlists the services of the protagonist Uhtred the Bold, to help forge an England. He is raised as a Dane where he is taught to be a warrior in the mold of his adopted countrymen. Uhtred is forced to join King Alfred of Wessex when his adopted father is killed and the Danes place the blame on him.

Even as he serves King Alfred of Wessex, he has no love for the man who he sees as a weakling, being too pious and soft when compared to the savagery of the Vikings. However, his alliance with Alfred holds the key to his ambitions to recover Bebbanburg, his ancestral heritage taken away from him by his uncle. It is a compelling story that demonstrates the exceptional storytelling skills of Cornwell that have been recognized with a BBC TV series based on the novels. Stephen Butchard wrote the screenplay in the series starring Alexander Dreymon as Uhtred of Bebbanburg.

Telling the story of a time when Christian England came under the attack of the pagan Danes, it is one of the most accurate depictions of what it was to live at the time of the forging of a new England. Britain is experiencing an uneasy calm after the Mercians have taken back lands held by Danes in Northumbria and the West Saxons have defeated the Danes in East Anglia. The fragile calm now gives Uhtred the opportunity to launch his campaign to retake Bebbanburg his ancestral fortress.

But it will not be easy as the West Saxons attack from the South and the Scots from the North, meaning he has to defeat them first before he can move against Bebbanburg.

Warriors of the Storm : The ninth novel in the series is another excellent novel in The Last Kingdom series of novels. Uhtred is still determined to take back the fortress of Bebbanburg, but in the clash between Viking and Saxon his loyalty to England will come into doubt time and again.

These novels follow the life of Osric an apprentice to an old carpenter captured by the Vikings and made part of a brotherhood, who live for glory and plunder. These historical fiction novels are about the life and time of Julius Caesar, and the coming of age of ancient Rome, including the intrigues, passions, decadence, and bloodshed that forged the empire.

The newest book is Sword of Kings and was released on November, 26th The Saxon Stories tell the tale of Alfred the Great and his descendants through the eyes of Uhtred, an English boy born into the aristocracy of ninth-century Northumbria, captured by the Danes and taught the Viking ways. To view an online map, click here. Displaying book editions selected for your country.

If you would like to change country please use the selector on the right. And the clash between the Vikings and the Saxons will resound…. For Aethelred, Lord of the Mercians, is dying, leaving no heir and the stage is…. The Last Kingdom Series The Saxon Stories tell the tale of Alfred the Great and his descendants through the eyes of Uhtred, an English boy born into the aristocracy of ninth-century Northumbria, captured by the Danes and taught the Viking ways.

the last kingdom book 12

To view an online map, click here Read More Read more. Sword Of Kings Regional Editions:. War of the Wolf Regional Editions:. The Flame Bearer Regional Editions:. Warriors of the Storm Regional Editions:. The Empty Throne Regional Editions:.The series is set around 9th century during the Danish invasion of Britain. The main character Uhtred Ragnarson was captured by the Danes shortly after birth. The series is told in retrospective through his eyes long after the events occurred. The series is ongoing, with Cornwell wishing to continue the series.

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the last kingdom book 12

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the last kingdom book 12

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